The RoseBowl Competition

The Rosebowl Organiser is Kathy Chantler. Contact details in the Yearbook issued to Clubs.
In case of urgency, mobile 07738 112775

Information about the The Rose Bowl Competition is contained in:

Rosebowl League Matches

There are no entry forms for the league matches. Clubs are requested to send suitable lists of titles and authors to the host Club showing their required sequence. The host Club records the entries on the appropriate version of the score sheet (download links above). The Excel (xlsx) versions of the scoresheets are recommended as they contain built-in calculations. The pdf versions of the scoresheets are available for any club not able to use Excel.

Clubs hosting a Rosebowl round should follow the CACC recommended projection Maintenance Procedures.

CHANGE NOTICE for 2023-2024: For League matches, the Host Club must send the images from all Clubs in the match, in advance, to the CACC Rosebowl Organiser.

Rosebowl Stars & Rosebowl Final

  • The list of eligible Stars entries will be notified by the organiser.
  • The twelve Clubs for the Final will be notified by the organiser.
  • How to enter – Club Instructions

CHANGE NOTICE for 2023-2024: For the Stars competition, the image submitted must be unchanged from its use in the League match. For the Final competition, the images submitted must be chosen from those used in one or more of the League matches and must be unchanged from that use.

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