Advice about Projected Digital

This page has a range of advice about projected digital competitions. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ form if you would like advice to be developed on any other topic.

Projection Size

  • About Projection Size
  • There is no standard and CACC does not require any particular projection size.
  • Clubs may project images at sizes of XGA (1024×768) (now rare), or SXGA+ (1400×1050) (usual), with a few at UXGA (1600×1200).
  • SXGA+ projectors are no longer available new. A Full-HD (1920×1080) projector is a simple choice for SXGA+ images.
  • CACC will use UXGA size for its own events, but any size is permitted when Clubs host CACC matches eg, Rosebowl. The only requirement is that a Host Club must inform Guest Clubs of the projection size to be used.
  • In practice, it is not possible to distinguish a significant quality difference between the various sizes, unless they are carefully compared side by side or the screen display is particularly large.

InterClub Competitions

Test Images

CACC Projection Test Frames and Sample Image Set: at size SXGA+ (zip 10MB). For UXGA projection, use the SXGA+ set without expansion.

Recommended Maintenance

  • Many club projectors are now several years old. Perhaps the original calibration has drifted slightly, or a change is permanent and not correctable.
  • Clubs may not have re-calibrated their projectors in the last year. We recommend that clubs calibrate every year from now on.
  • Clubs may have changed their laptop and not re-calibrated. Calibration is always of the entire system.
  • Some “difficult” images will “challenge” consistency of colour balance, contrast and brightness. Calibrated projectors may still give minor variations which will not be correctable.

To help solve as much as possible about projection accuracy, the CACC suggests the following.

  • Clubs should review projector calibration at the beginning of each Club year eg, in September.
  • Members aware of any issues about image projection at their own Club should resolve the matter with their Club’s Projectionist or Committee.
  • The ‘Sample Image Set’ of test images from the CACC web site may be projected before every Club and InterClub competition, to accustom the judge and audience to the projection.
  • Judges who visit many Clubs may become aware of a projection problem during an event at a Club. Judges will understand that any possible problem affects all images equally and should proceed without drawing attention to it. Any comments should only be made privately to Club officers afterwards.