The PAGB Inter-Federation Competition

Higher scoring entries to Championship Day will be considered for selection by CACC for the PAGB Inter-Federation Competition which takes place in June. This page may be used by Clubs to declare additional items for selection. Given typical entries for the Championships, CACC will be especially interested in additional items for selection in Monochrome Prints. All items require an image file.

PRINTS: There are strict requirements that prints are on a mount exactly 50x40cm and no thicker than 4mm. Clubs may only submit a print entry when certain that it meets this specification.

Please note the Inter-Federation eligibility requirements. A Photographer may only be entered by one Federation each year: if your Club has a member who also belongs to another Club in another Federation, you must check that the member will not be entered by that other Federation. Once selected and entered into any Category by any Federation, an Image, as either print or projected, may never be entered again to an Inter-Federation Competition.

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